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Chess / Checkers

Chess / Checkers

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Essence de Bois

Chess / Checkers

Goal of the game : Eliminate the enemy king.

Players : 2

Equipment : 1 checkered board.

Dimensions : Between 12"-18" (or on request).

Materials : Made of hardwood, maple, cherry, Canadian black walnut, or other upon request. Oiled finish.

Options : Choice of wood species and square markers. Standard or custom sizes. A wide choice of chess pieces or checkers available at various prices.

Description : The game of chess, originating in Asia between the 3rd and 6th century, allows you to use the characteristics of each piece to capture those of your opponent and finally checkmate the king. This game for all ages allows for fun and entertainment with family or friends, at home, at the chalet or at the campsite, or to simply pass the time, especially during the long winter evenings.

Variation : The game of Checkers. The game uses checkers and the goal is to steal all the opposing checkers to win the game.

Instructions : See the regulations tab.

A simple and refined premium game that will last for generations.

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